Enlightened Journey Transformation Program


You’re living your life through the eyes of fear and doubt.
You’ve tried many ways to change only to find yourself in the same old patterns of behavior.
The more you try, the more you realize things are the same.


You've done everything, right? You’ve listened to the podcasts. You’ve joined those Facebook groups posting religiously, or you silently stalked every post. You've read the books. Your inbox is flooded with emails from all those email lists you are on to get the free help.

You've done “everything”, and now you don't only feel stuck and stagnant, but like you are living in a dark hole with no light in sight.

And none of it makes sense and you’re not confident with how to DO all of it. And now... you're tired. You’re exhausted. You are over it. You tell yourself you are ready. You know that you are ready… but… 🤦🏻‍♀️

You feel that fire in your chest. The one burning with purpose. You know, right to your core, that you are meant for more.

Right there…. The voice screaming "ME" as you read this. That’s your sign.✌🏼

The problem is. You've been ready for a long time, but you keep ignoring the opportunities… the whispers… the signs. That desire for change, that longing for your life to shift… It's been burning bright longer than you want to admit, even to yourself. And progress... It's been slow. It’s almost as if you have been doing a dance with the Universe.

You often wish things were different in your life, but feelings of confusion, doubt, and fear are all too familiar.

And you... You're here. You feel like you are all alone. I get it. I honestly have been there. It SUCKS!

I know EXACTLY how you feel because I was there myself only a few years ago. I have been in this same “comfortable" place - only deep down I felt as if I was clawing my way through life every day, turning to pills and alcohol to escape.

When you are willing to look inside and begin to change your habits, self-imposed fears, and perceptions, only then will you be able to see your true self. The catalyst for transformation comes from your willingness to open your heart, forgive, and be honest with yourself.

I saw the light…

I allowed more of who I am and I became more aware of my emotions. Those times I felt lonely and stuck, with no one to hear me, I dug in even deeper.


BUT… there was a moment… a moment I got so mad and upset… where the pain was too unbearable to take any longer… and…

I made the shift… By learning about the power of my mind and how to unlock it. By learning how to REPROGRAM it so that I could ditch the all those limiting beliefs, and by developing and implementing tools I could use throughout the day.

  • I am here to support you

  • I am here to give you REAL LIFE tools to implement for the rest of forever

  • I am here to teach you tips & tricks for your subconscious mind

  • I am here to give you applicable mind skills & practices

  • I am here to guide you in reprogramming your subconscious mind. Creating massive shifts at incredible speeds (fast than I did)

  • I am here to move you from ready to “OH YES, THIS IS MY LIFE”!


I am not doing the work for you. I am not letting you idle while I tell what a good job you are doing. I am not here to hypnotize you to a better you while you spend three months believing it’s magic and everything will happen for you through osmosis.

You will get homework. You will get called out. You will have some ups & downs & a whole lot of a-ha moments. You will be supported.

It’s Your Time!

I’m confident that I can help you break through the fears and roadblocks that are keeping you from living the life you want, and finally help you to take action.

Imagine that you can…

  • Gain clarity about what you really want so you can start living for yourself instead of others.

  • Learn how to allow your passions to manifest so you can break free from who you think you must be.

  • You actually do what you want, instead of thinking about what you want.

  • You discover that you CAN do what you’ve always wanted to do.

  • You overcome fear, anxiety, worry so you can finally be free, and enjoy your life.


I help you envision the life you desire and deserve, and believe that you can have, be, and do everything you want in life, and I show you how to create it. Through this 1:1 mentorship, you realize the power and strength you’ve always had, but didn’t know how to access. I show you EXACTLY what to do.

What would it feel like if you overcame the fear and doubt and automatically began to believe, create, and take inspired action… and ultimately live the amazing life you desire and deserve?


I’m here to Give You The Opportunity

Imagine that feeling for a moment… suppose you could have this life sooner rather than later… You CAN!


What’s included in your program?

  • An initial 45-minute session to create a personalized action plan

  • Three 1-hour mentoring sessions

  • Three 1-hour hypnosis sessions

  • 1:1 text/email support as needed

  • Empowerment exercises

  • PDF Guides/Support

  • Beginner’s Guide to Journaling

  • Guided Meditation audio recording

  • Sleep Meditation audio recording

  • Hypnosis audio recording of your choice

  • Two follow-up sessions within two months of program ending

Why Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of physical muscle relaxation with focused concentration. It's very effective because it bypasses your critical reasoning conscious mind and it allows the subconscious mind to emerge, which is more receptive to making positive changes - quickly and permanently.

Combining mentoring (conscious) with hypnosis (subconscious) you will create massive shifts in your life. 

I'm Ready! Let's Do This!

As soon as you submit payment, you will be sent an email to complete an intake form and sign a contract (all online). Once I receive those, I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your initial pre-call.