Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions, but also one of the most demanding. I'm taking my teaching background, knowledge and study of the mind, the power of thoughts and language, and my professional hypnosis training to create a Health and Wellness Master Class for teachers.

  • Are you feeling burned out and frustrated?

  • Do you constantly battle with reacting instead of responding?

  • Are your lunch times chaotic?

  • Do you take the stresses of work home with you?

  • Are your overworked, overwhelmed, and just over it? 

I get it! I truly do. Even though I am out of the classroom, I vividly remembered how I felt. I had amazing days, made wonderful memories, and throughly enjoyed teaching... but the flip side is that I was unhealthy, tired, stressed, reacted to certain situations without giving much thought... it wore me out and everything in my life suffered.

I know you LOVE teaching!

I do, too! That is why I have created this master class for you. No need to go anywhere, take precious time away from your students, or spend hours and hours a week. Everything you need is included in this virtual class that you can access from anywhere at anytime. 

For the past 7 years, I have worked with teachers all over the country and I hear the same stories over and over and I see the despondency and discouragement in their faces. I also see love for the profession, hope for change, and a grit that is almost unparalleled. It's a mentally tough job, and teachers deserve to have peace, calm, and harmony within themselves.

I've been waiting for an opportunity to help you and the time has come. I am very excited about this master class! I'm so passionate about helping teachers truly enjoy their careers, be healthy, manage the day to day stresses, and not allow outside influences to impact the journey you have with your "kids".

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6 Day Master Class Includes

  • Six Days of Content

  • Workbook

  • Video/Audio Recordings

  • PDF Guides

Your Syllabus

  • 10-Minute Relaxation Techniques

  • The Power of Language in the classroom

  • Prevent your "Friday Burnout"

  • Decrease Anxiety & Stress

  • Enhance Student/Teacher Relationships

  • How Mindfulness Effects your Longevity as a Teacher

  • Mindfulness is a Practice

  • Impact Your Classroom Environment