I understand your grief.

Eric James Williams was born on May 7, 2003 and passed away on June 5, 2003.
I spent some time in grief, but continued to battle my way through because I knew that I had to go on living.
I made this recording to share with other moms just like me, who are perhaps,
in the early stages of grief and are finding it difficult to make it through each day. 
Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to use to manage grief, and I'm confident it will help you.

Before you begin, make sure you are comfortable (sofa, lounge chair, or bed),
have a blanket on you or nearby, will not be disturbed, and most importantly, you have used the restroom! 
I would love to hear how this has helped you. Please send me an email - lisa@lisamillicentwilliams.org