What Is Hypnosis?


Hypnosis is a state of physical muscle relaxation with focused concentration. It's very effective because it bypasses your critical reasoning conscious mind and it allows the subconscious mind to emerge, which is more receptive to making positive changes - quickly and permanently. 

It's is a state of consciousness one enters and leaves naturally all the time during your day-to day experiences. It feels very much like day dreaming i.e., the state between sleeping and waking. Hypnosis is a guided fantasy. In this state of relaxation you are more open to suggestions. While your conscious mind is still completely aware of what is going on the whole time, in this relaxed state of mind, your subconscious mind has the ability to accept information given to it by the hypnotist.

There is nothing mysterious about hypnosis. 


We use this commonly occurring, and natural state of mind, unknowingly, all the time. It is just natural for us.  Advertisers understand this. They use television programs to induce a hypnotic "trance" and then provide you hypnotic suggestions, called commercials! You have done it literally thousands of times. You did it yourself when you were daydreaming and missed that turn, you have been hypnotized when you enjoyed a television program, and you have followed hypnotic and posthypnotic suggestions when you preferred some brand name that you saw repeatedly on television.

Since I have been involved in hypnosis, I have learned to live calmly and joyfully regardless of what is going on around me, learned to manifest what I want in my life and release beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve me, and have greatly improved my health and emotional well-being. 

We all look for change at some point in our lives. Whether it be mental and emotional health, physical health, psychic and spiritual development, creative and educational endeavors, business and career goals, love and relationships, or other needs, hypnosis can work for you. It's a simple and highly effective method of training & retraining the mind. Through positive suggestions and other techniques, hypnosis changes unwanted or negative beliefs, attitudes or behaviors to help you get unstuck, feel confident, motivated and free. 

When you are in an awake, aware state, your mind is resistant to change. With hypnosis, you have the opportunity to get below the surface of your conscious thoughts and limiting beliefs and gain access to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind will much more easily accept new ideas and behaviors. You are in essence re-programming yourself to quickly and efficiently meet your goals.

Everyone has far greater potential than they perhaps realize. They just need help from a trained hypnosis professional to help them to unlock the answers within.

I am happy to discuss ways hypnosis can help you! 

No gimmicks. No mind control. Just you getting better.

In Hypnosis, you are not really "thinking" in the traditional sense. You are experiencing without questioning, without critical judgment or analysis, which enables you to create positive changes in your mental, emotional and physical state. You are consciously aware of your thoughts and surroundings, but feel so relaxed that the usual distractions seem to fade away. The most accurate description of the hypnotic state is a 'parallel awareness'. The hypnotized person knows who they are and where they are, but is also strongly focused on internal realities such as sensations, memories or imagination.

Hypnosis deals with the causes, not just the symptoms. Most people try to make changes by using willpower alone, and this is only a temporary fix. Our core beliefs about what we are capable of and what we deserve are stored in the subconscious mind. Hypnosis can access the subconscious mind and rid it of any unwanted habits, thoughts or sabotaging beliefs, and replace them with new positive concepts and habits. This ensures permanent results.

Hypnosis can improve your life.

Hypnosis is fast, reliable, and easy with proven results. Below are the results of a study found in the American Health Magazine that compares the effectiveness of three types of behavior modification modalities.

  • Psychoanalysis: 38% Recovery after 600 Sessions

  • Behavior Therapy: 72% Recovery after 22 Sessions

  • Hypnotherapy: 93% Recovery after 6 Sessions

Often, people start seeing results after theirfirst session, however, the average number of sessions required to achieve your goals is generally four to six sessions. Everyone is different and has different issues to tackle, and once we have discussed your personal goals and aspirations, I can give you a better idea of what to expect.

You have to be ready to tackle the problem and be willing to go into a session, or sessions, with the mindset of motivation, determination, etc. You play a role in how a session goes and if you are not ready to trust the process, this will not work. If you go into this not fully believing, then you will not get the results you are searching for. 

I'll explain everything during our consultation and you have the opportunity to ask questions. 

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