Hypnosis 101

Class Begins April 10th!

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    Have you tried to

    ➨ lose weight
    ➨ find the motivation to exercise
    ➨ get rid of your cravings
    ➨ have a healthy relationship with food
    ➨ love your body
    ➨ resist temptations

    Only to find that you are right back where you started from? 😟


    This is the last program you will ever do because this WORKS.

    This program combines everything you need into one package (valued at $3,064).

    Hypnosis - We reprogram your mind so you easily and effortlessly achieve your goals ($960 value)

    ✷Coaching - We talk through your struggles and I help you to reframe your thought process and develop a healthy relationship with your body, nutrition, and exercise. ($1,111 value)

    ✷Audio Recordings - listening to these recordings reinforces the desired behaviors, making change happen even more quickly. ($87 value)

    ✷Tools - You will incorporate my personal empowerment tools. ($333 value)

    Master Class - You receive free access to my 4-Week Master Class for Reprograming Your Mind For Success. ($333 value)

    ✷Follow-Up Sessions - these two sessions provide you with more reinforcement, or perhaps you will want to use them for something different, such as career advancement/change or achieving financial freedom. ($240 value)

    Healthy Mind 4-Week Master Class

    • Week 1 - Conscious and Subconscious Mind

    • Week 2 - Habits, Beliefs, and Thought Patterns

    • Week 3 - Self-Care and Wellness

    • Week 4 - Breakthroughs and Reframing Beliefs


    DIETS DON’T WORK… and if you’re reading this you already know that. No matter how hard you try, you’re just not able to do it.  It is one of the most frustrating places to be. That’s because will power will NEVER win out over the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

    You already know, and perhaps you’ve experienced, that 98% of the time, you re-gain the weight you’ve lost….and sometimes more weight. It may take a couple of years to come back, but it comes back. I’ve been on that rollercoaster, having no clue how to get off, and finally be free of the “weight chains” that prohibited me from living the life I so desperately wanted to live.

    Why? It’s because you haven’t resolved the underlying problem — the non-food reasons you eat.  But it goes beyond being an emotional eater or eating when you’re bored or eating unconsciously.  Do you notice that even knowing that isn’t helping you?

    That’s because the subconscious reasons are deeper than that:  they are beliefs that you have long-held that you may not even have in your awareness.

    That’s where hypnotherapy comes in: it gets to those underlying beliefs that seem to be sucking the motivation out of you….

    The change you need to make, happens at the subconscious level of the mind. Will Power uses your conscious mind only. Permanent change needs to happen in the subconscious mind. That is where we store beliefs about ourselves and the world–both positive and negative. If you don’t change the negative beliefs — the personal lies- you have about yourself, you will not lose the weight and keep it off.

    We will find the underlying cause of your weight gain and your eating habits. Sometimes it’s low self-esteem; sometimes it’s not feeling lovable; sometimes it’s a protective armor that you wear to help avoid intimacy and possible hurt. Those are just a few of the most common reasons.

    Sometimes it’s the image you have of yourself:  you don’t see yourself as a slender, healthy, strong person.

    Why everything you have tried in the past has not worked at all, or has only worked in the short term…

    Clinical studies have shown that excess stress in our busy lives cause hormonal reactions that induce our bodies to retain body fat, in addition to contributing to other health problems. Chronic stress states also trigger bouts of compulsive and binge eating. Giving yourself the gift of stress management through hypnotic techniques is the single most effective tool for weight reduction and control.

    Imprints from childhood
    As a child, were you told to "clean your plate"? Did someone close to you bribe or reward you with food when you were growing up? Do certain foods bring back warm and loving feelings that you associate with happy times in your childhood? Hypnosis is the venue to identify triggers and unhealthy beliefs, and then update them to no longer keep you from your weight goals.

    Emotional eating
    It's no surprise to learn that cells that process emotions line the stomach. Emotional upset often brings distress to the digestive system that can be mistaken for hunger. Hypnosis helps identify not only what you really hunger for, but how to respond in more healthy ways to your emotions.

    Self-protection or other outdated functions
    At some point, our subconscious sets up patterns of belief and behavior in order to deal with certain situations. These stay in place until the subconscious is convinced otherwise. Hypnosis is the path to address and re-structure these "programs".

    Stuffing Feelings
    Hanging on to negative emotions is unhealthy, just like eating a dozen donuts at a time! Hypnosis is a safe and confidential place to release those pent up feelings.

    Lack of Focus and Motivation
    Sometimes, it's just so hard to start! Hypnosis will focus your desire for a healthy body from a vague possibility to a clear and realistic outcome.

    Outside Sabotage
    Are you allowing others to influence your weight? Hypnosis will help you become "de-hypnotized" by our culture's unhealthy food influences and instead become resistant to negative forces outside yourself.

    Sleep Issues
    Inadequate or interrupted sleep can make a big difference in weight! Many overweight people just don't get the right quality of restorative sleep, resulting in increased stress and cortisol levels. One side effect of hypnosis is improved sleep.

    Chronic Pain and other Medical Conditions
    Dealing with chronic medical challenges can lead a person to inappropriate eating habits in an effort to feel better. You can learn to naturally ease pain and other suffering without resorting to unhealthy eating.

    Not only can obesity affect life quality and expectancy, it can be responsible for conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes Type II, stroke, cancer, high blood pressure and joint problems including osteoarthritis.


    Healthy Body Program Outline - Including Bonuses

    Week 1: Hunger Dial
    Learn the difference between real hunger and emotional hunger

    Week 2: Screen of the Mind
    In this session, you will work with two screens. There will be a screen with your present weight situation and another screen that brings into reality the new behaviors and body you will create.

    Week 3: Access the Cause
    During this week you will go back in time to the root of the problem. Gaining an understanding of what’s causing your weight situation can help resolve it on its own. This is a way to find out at a deeper level what beliefs you possibly have for keeping this extra weight on. We can invite new resources to help you that may have hindered you in the past.

    Week 4: Healthy Eating
    We will focus on healthy eating habits

    Week 5: Exercise
    This week we will add exercise to your program. Physical activity is important to not only releasing and managing weight, but for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Week 6: Banish Old Patterns of Behavior For Good
    During this session you will utilize one of the most powerful techniques of Neuro Linguistics Programming, called “Swish”. Swishing allows you to switch the representations of things now considered desirable with things that would be more beneficial. Once you learn how to Swish, you can apply this technique to help change any habit you desire to change.

    Week 7: Melt Fat
    We will work with the cells within the body during this session.

    Week 8: Maintenance
    This week will summarize everything you have been learning over the last eight weeks. The suggestions will be around reinforcing success already achieved, as will as giving you additional motivation to keep going.



    • Nutrition Guide

    • Exercise Guide

    • Two Additional Hypnosis Recordings: Reframing Limiting Beliefs & Balancing Your Chakras

    • Two Follow-Up Sessions within six months of completing the program

    • Beginner’s Guide to Journaling

    EXTENDED: Valid through January 10, 2019.