Small Group Hypnosis

San Antonio Area Only

In a perfect world, everyone would be doing individual hypnosis sessions. You would see me one-on-one and work intently to find out the structure of YOUR challenges, specific to you, and then have a program that will address everything you are going through, on a personal level and at your own pace. Many things are possible in individual sessions that are just not possible in a group hypnosis session.

In a group session, I have to give suggestions that are effective to the group as a whole, not tailored individually. For many people, this is just what they need and works well! For others, they really need the personal attention in order to see results.

Where are group sessions held?

I only offer group hypnosis to those wanting to gather a small group of their friends/family and invite me to your home.

The session will address the entire group.

  • Weight loss

  • Motivation

  • Self-confidence

  • Healthy living

  • Reprogramming limiting beliefs

  • Stress and anxiety relief

*I do not do group sessions for smoking cessation.

Additional Details

  1. Group Hypnosis Sessions are two-hours long and have to be scheduled at least three weeks in advance.

  2. Sessions need to have at least five people

  3. Each person attending will pay $35 before the scheduled date, or $40 the night of the session.

Please contact me for more information!

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Group Hypnosis Sessions Are for those who…

  • Have a group of people wanting to work on the same issue

  • Are OK with having less personal attention and still having their questions answered in a supportive environment

  • Would like to share this experience with friends/family

  • Want to save money, as group sessions tend to be more affordable

  • Are aware that group sessions are not as effective as private sessions (because of less personal attention), but understand that many people have the same challenge

  • Work best when surrounded by others making changes, and wish to see the group being empowered

Individual Hypnosis Sessions are for those who…

  • Need or want personalized 1-on-1 attention on your challenge or issue

  • Don’t want to take chances and know that individual hypnosis sessions have a much higher success rate, statistically

  • Would like to be empowered personally

  • Would like to learn additional tools and techniques, specific to their situation

  • Are very busy and would like to come to fewer sessions, and/or have the sessions work around their schedule

  • You would like to have the session progress at their own pace; absolutely everyone in an individual session is hypnotized.