40-Minute Discovery Call

Let me ask you...

--> How often have you felt like your life was out of control?
--> How often have you thought your life is not as fulfilling as you wish it were?
--> Are you spinning your wheels, lacking clarity, and craving purpose in your life?
--> Do you know what you want in life, but you're stuck not knowing how to get it?


You often wish things were different? On the outside it looks like you’ve got it all together, but on the inside you just don’t feel that way. If this is you, I know exactly how you feel because I was there myself only a short time ago. That’s why I’m confident that I can help you overcome the fears and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from living the life you want, and finally get you into action. 


IMAGINE... take a moment with me to imagine... if you could have someone help you sort through all the bullshit and guide you to gain awareness and clarity in your life...

...What would that mean to you? 

I was able to completely change my life by making the decision that I was sick and tired with just being "okay". I wanted more! I wanted to DO more, BE more, and GIVE more.

I changed my nutrition and fitness habits
I changed what time I got up in the morning (huge!)
Reading personal development books was a non-negotiable
I studied the power of the mind
I studied the language of the subconscious mind
I took classes on nutrition, mindset, and hypnosis
I cared about myself and made time to devote to me
I gained confidence, clarity, and began to enjoy my life
I made decisions that were in my best interest
I gave up the excuses and took 100% responsibility for my life
I created morning and night rituals

Life happens FOR us, not TO us

Understanding, and BELIEVING in this concept, has changed my life. 

Please email me at lisa@lisamillicentwilliams.org for more information. 

Schedule Your Discovery Call To:

  1. Identify and discuss your top three struggles and how they are affecting you.

  2. Identify and discuss your top three limiting beliefs, where they come from, and how they are affecting you.

  3. Understand the power of the mind.

  4. Understand the power of your language and communication.

  5. Why is repetition and reinforcement necessary?

  6. Gain clarity about what you really want and start living for yourself.