Why Weight Loss Diets Don't Work Long Term

Animals don’t have weight loss problems because they aren’t as conscious or self-aware as we are. We have a whole set of instinctive and subconscious drives on the one hand, and a bunch of conscious decisions and habits on the other.

I won’t go into the possible conflicts that may lie at the root of your weight loss issue, but I would like you to realize a few things, in whatever way is appropriate to you:

Your mind controls how you think, behave, feel, learn, decide and perceive.


The Body And Mind Have Much More Control Than People Realize

Your body knows how it works. Subconsciously, it knows how it metabolizes food and how it burns off energy. You know subconsciously through experience, from eating everyday and knowing what you look like, how these processes work.

So it’s not that you just accidentally do these things. Do you really think it’s some kind of crazy coincidence that you aren’t the weight you want to be?

There are many reasons that you may have subconsciously chosen to become overweight. The three most common patterns though are:

  • Self-worth issues, where deep down you may not feel you deserve to be healthy, happy and attractive.

  • Comfort dependency, where self-destructive over-eating has been associated with happiness or comfort.

  • Protective needs, where you subconsciously believe that being attractive may attract feelings of hurt, shame or guilt.

Have you tried dieting? The only way a diet can work is on the level of psychological change. If you work hard enough at sticking to a diet, and love the results so much you couldn’t bare to go back, you may subconsciously alter your self-image and maintain the new you (like an indirect form of self-hypnosis).

But the odds are against it, as you are up against all of the habitual and psychological things that originally persuaded you to be overweight.

It’s a Conflict between the Conscious and Subconscious

In the end, what is a diet? It is a conscious effort to fight something that was created and maintained subconsciously. Dieting is like admitting that you have no real self control at all, that you are out of rapport with yourself.

That’s why they can be so painful, because you are doing the opposite consciously, to what you want to do subconsciously. It’s another mental conflict!

So what’s the best way?

Realize the real creators of the issue, and work with them instead of against them. Just as easily as you became overweight, you can lose it again by changing the subconscious processes.

If you change your self-image to something you would prefer, nothing will stop you achieving that. Whatever it takes to get to where you want to be, your subconscious will guide you towards it.

And you will enjoy it, because you are no longer in a mental conflict.

Lisa WilliamsComment