Change Your Relationship With Food


Together we can change your relationship with food so it can become a source of pleasure rather than a source of conflict.

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of the fridge searching for something to eat, even though you are not hungry? Do you get cravings for certain foods (usually unhealthy ones, as let’s face it, most people don’t crave a salad!), struggle not to eat them, then give in to your cravings and feel guilty afterwards? Sounds like you maybe be an Emotional Eater.

Why Do I Do This To Myself?

Eating is part of daily life. Our traditions and social activities revolve around it and we need food to survive. There is no getting away from it. However, for some people, food can represent a constant struggle of eating too much, trying to not eat and continuous thoughts and cravings about food.

Most people who have an unhealthy relationship with food tend to find themselves stuck in familiar patterns. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you?

  • You seem to be constantly dieting, trying one type of diet after another in the hope that this will be the one to work. It’s impossible to stick to such rigid eating plans so you begin to “cheat” or maybe give up altogether and gain back any lost. You feel hopeless for a while then hear about the next best way to lose weight and try that.

  • You are trapped in a vicious cycle of eating when you are unhappy and then feel unhappy because you eat. Certain foods comfort you…for a short time, then come the feelings of regret, shame and guilt for overeating, again.

  • You turn to food to help you calm down when you feel stressed or angry. An argument with your spouse or boss or feeling stressed and overwhelmed by your kids leads you to the ice-cream tub. You know you shouldn’t but you can’t help it.

  • The pounds keep piling on. You are constantly hungry or eat “all the wrong” things. It’s impossible for you to walk past a vending machine or fast food joint without stopping to “treat yourself”. You know this isn’t healthy, but you can’t seem to stop yourself.

  • You have an unhealthy relationship with food. It could be that once you start, you cannot stop until you are uncomfortable and overly full. Are you stashing certain foods in secret places around the house and then getting them out to eat in private? Maybe you were given unhealthy messages about food when you were growing up. Clean up your plate even if you’re full or was food a substitute for love?

If one or more of these scenarios is true for you, please read on. You’re in the right place.Together we can change your relationship with food so it can become a source of pleasure rather than a source of conflict.

These are phrases I often hear at the beginning of working with clients:

  • “If I could only stick to dieting I would be thinner and if I was thin I would be happy, successful, attractive, in control of my life etc…”

  • “When I give in to my cravings I feel a failure and so might just as well overeat for the rest of the day”

  • “Self control is good because it is a sign of strength”

  • “If I stick to this new diet I will feel in control again”

By thinking this way we set ourselves up for feeling guilt and shame because no one can stick to rigid low calorie ways of eating for extended periods of time, or any other “diet” for that matter. You are bound to give in and then over eat because of the feelings of failure that giving in to cravings lead to.

Together we break this vicious cycle.

Therapy that just focuses on healthy eating is too narrow and misses why a person is self-soothing with food in the first place. Whether you have always battled with these issues or they are a legacy of an eating disorder in your teens that resurfaces in times of stress, I help you understand how your own emotional and situational factors contribute to how you are eating now.

Can Hypnosis Really Help Me Overcome Emotional Eating?

In the short answer, yes. We are programmed from the moment we are born and the majority of our habits, beliefs, and patterns of thought are not even ours. They are ingrained in us by adults when we were children, media, etc., and if there are habits we would like to banish, such as emotional eating, we have to access that default (faulty) programming and change it.

If you are no longer willing to tolerate the vicious cycle of overeating and the negative emotions that go with it, I am here to help. Together we can begin to uncover and deal the problems that lead to you eating emotionally.

By accessing the subconscious mind, we can affect our conscious actions. By using hypnotherapy, you can gain control of your eating habits and develop a healthy relationship with food. 

Dieting never eliminates the subconscious requirement for excess food. It’s just a kind of self-torture you go through until you ultimately give in to your subconscious desires. You might fluctuate with ups and downs on the scale constantly, never ever letting go of the desire for excess food.

Hypnosis will help you to control your weight naturally through the techniques of...

  • Discovering what underlying issues are causing your weight gain

  • Reeducating your subconscious mind about ideas that may have been learned about eating at at young age.

  • Changing negative ideas about food to positive thoughts for letting go and releasing the weight.

  • Retraining your imagination to visualize a future more perfect image of self; living the improved behavior patterns.

  • Improved awareness of eating and exercise habits.

We will identify your emotional triggers to overeating, and any other causes that have not been properly identified or addressed before such as co-occurrence of mood disorders, perfectionism, relationship difficulties and self-esteem.

We will look at the thoughts you have that are not helpful to you and trigger feelings of distress and of things being out of your control. We will then develop your own personal toolkit of coping strategies so that you begin responding to negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, anger and sadness in a healthy way without guilt and shame.

I will help you gain confidence in your ability to make healthy choices in a reasonable way without being overly harsh on yourself. We will change how you think and feel about food, eating and body image. We will increase your self-confidence in your body and shape and learn how to avoid the thoughts that lead to purging, over-exercise or feelings of hopelessness.

It takes courage to acknowledge you have a problem and asking for and accepting support is a strength and means you at now ready to beat this stressful way of living your life. In the long-run, you will be happier, healthier and more able to take on life’s challenges in a more positive and productive way.