Are Mental Blockages and Limiting Beliefs Holding You Hostage?


What’s holding you back from having all that you want? What obstacle stands between you and your goals?

Whatever it is, it feels like being stuck in a rut, unable to go where you want to go; uninspired and hopeless. It makes success feel out of reach, and failure inevitable. It feels like discouragement and lack of confidence. If feels like disappointment before you’ve even begun.

It hinders creativity and courage. It chokes you up on job interviews and presentations. And it depletes your energy and ability to focus.

Picture a clogged drain. The pipes are backed up, the water’s not flowing through freely—so, not much goes in, not much comes out. Your mind clogged when you’re mentally stuck. And that sludgy nastiness is confusion, overwhelm, conflict and turmoil caked all over your awareness.

Like the name suggests, a mental block is a blockage, a clot, an obstruction of flow. It is clinging to a belief that doesn’t empower your true self. It is grasping at the idea that you’re not good enough and you don’t have what it takes.

Because a mental block is a state of mind, you stay blocked when you don’t release the belief.

Think of a mental block as a stumbling block. Stumbling blocks trip you up, make you lose composure and balance. In this way, an internal blockage keeps you emotionally unavailable for the next thing. 

A mental block keeps you paralyzed, fearful of what could happen if you took the plunge. Until you unlock the power of your subconscious mind, blockages will continue to clog the flow of inspiration, creativity, confidence, peace and love. And until you rid yourself of the mental blocks, they’ll continue to deceive, deny, restrain and cripple.


Even though your conscious mind is doing everything it can think of to heal, your subconscious mind may be holding what it thinks are very good reasons not to heal or overcome your challenge in the form of strong limiting beliefs.

Many of the limiting beliefs that are blocking you won’t make logical sense, at least at first. In fact, some could probably be categorized as shocking. All of this is awesome news, though.

With hypnotherapy, you’ll be discovering blocks you never thought of. This will give you the opportunity to work on things you never knew existed, taking new directions and getting results you’ve never gotten. The big-picture idea here is to slowly release all the subconscious reasons that your body, mind, and spirit have to not heal. There will probably be a lot of reasons, and that’s okay. We’ll get through them, one by one.

Healing is, in part, about unlearning or unbelieving anything that doesn’t help you feel good. Your younger self saw things in one way, but now you’re older. Unless you would allow a four-year-old to run your life (oh my!), it’s probably time to update your mental records.


The subconscious mind is not critical or judgmental; it does not analyze or reason. It simply gathers data and then acts according to the conditioning, programming, instructions, and messages it receives. Thousands of these interpretations of experiences from when we’re young become limiting beliefs that then become rules for our lives.

Our subconscious mind uses these rules to direct our behavior. As we keep going back to those memories, experiences, and interpretations of the past, we create new cells along those neural pathways reinforcing that old belief and response pattern. These harmful beliefs are one of the largest impediments to healing. The good news is that overcoming beliefs like these can help create new, healthy patterns.

Limiting beliefs work like this:

  1. They create a tainted lens through which we start to see our lives and ourselves, skewing our perceptions.

  2. This lens keeps us stuck in life-limiting thoughts and patterns.

  3. Believing these limits, we continue to live within the confines of them, further fulfilling that limiting belief, which helps create our reality.

  4. The limiting beliefs then create a pattern of self-sabotage.


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