Create A New You In 2019


If you are living a life you are not happy with, at some level you are getting some pleasure out of it, 🤷🏻‍♀️ so you talk yourself into staying there… it’s comfortable… it's okay... I don't really need to _____. That subconscious programming is holding tight to its comfort level.👊

BUT... Inside you feel like your life is out of control and you are just surviving, and you’ve tried many ways to change only to find yourself in the same old patterns of behavior. I get it... I was you. Nothing seemed to help, and if it did, it was only for a 'minute'.

I have found, over the last 3 1/2 years, that regular exercise, eating healthy, personal growth, and connecting to my higher self, are the four pillars of change. Questions people often ask me... 

➤"How do you do it?” 
➤"I want that for me.” 
➤“I’m trying” (the ultimate goal-crusher —> there is no “try”)

So how do I do it? How am I able to be so positive, step out of my comfort zone, and make things happen? How am I creating the life I want, and not settling? How do I continue to navigate the speed bumps in life and emerge stronger and healthier? 

The answer I always give is that there is no other option but to do the inner work/healing. I am the only one in control of my life and if “ME” isn’t well, then nothing in my life will be. Outside influences are deterrents, and when you can be your own guide in life, use your internal GPS system… wow… life becomes absolutely amazing!

I don't do something for a few days/weeks and then not do it. I don’t think or speak as if I am defeated. I invest in myself. I DO and not TRY. It is non-negotiable. I was so fed up with living the life I was, with the excuses, self-pity, faking it, settling, drugs and alcohol abuse, health declining, relationships in jeopardy… that I decided to live differently, enough was enough, and I did it one step at a time. 

Sure, there are bumps in the road… shit happens and I have to deal with the curve balls in life… but it is WAY easier now and I focus on solutions, not problems. I see the positive. I keep myself vibrating higher. And honestly, I don’t attract the pitfalls that many people do… the situations, experiences, people, things… it’s just not something that happens. 

The law of attraction is always at work in your life, whether you are attentive to it or not. 


To create the change that you desire in your life...
▶️FIRST you make the decision
▶️SECOND you connect with your inner being/higher self (i.e. work through all your shit)
▶️THIRD you take inspired action.

In the beginning of my journey, I did it backwards… (i.e. exercise/hustling)... I took all the action and thought everything would fall right into place. Not a chance… I still was not connected to my own energy, my own self, who Lisa really was under all the crap. I switched up my game plan and I began to win… time after time after time... 

Bottom line is, you have to throw away the excuses, commit to yourself and believe. Believe that you have the strength to persevere. Giving up is not an option. No one said it was easy and no one said you'd get results overnight. But I promise to you, it WILL BE WORTH IT. 

Give yourself that commitment, make the investment, get rid of the excuses and just freaking do it.

Live the life you want to live. 

There will be doubt, there will be fear, there will be trepidation, there will be insecurities, but with the tools I use, and TEACH YOU how to use, overtime, you shed all of that. You release all of those limiting beliefs you “inherited” from your youth that KEEP you chained to doubt, fear, and worry. Your past is insignificant, but most people continue to live there and wonder why things never change. 🙁

The one and only thing stopping you from being who you want to be, is YOU! Whether it’s being more healthy, being pain free, taking control of your life, beating depression, having more confidence, getting that promotion, improving your financial situation, attracting your soulmate, living a less stressed life… whatever “it” is… YOU are the only one that is stopping you, and YOU are the only one that can make the change. 

Reach out to me and let’s chat. If you are ready to commit and create the life you desire, I am ready to help you. 💞