Brainwave Frequencies and Meditation


Most of us spend much of our time in a state of stress or tension. We clench our jaws, tighten our muscles and spend our days thinking about all our problems. This kind of mental anguish and stress can weaken our immune system, which can cause us to be more prone to disease and illness. 

Stress and tension can also lead to backaches, headaches, muscle stiffness and even heart conditions. When we are stressed, our muscles tense, our blood pressure rises and our body is flooded with stress hormones and adrenaline. 

Most of us, however, find it difficult to relax, but relaxation is actually critical to our well-being. If you have tried meditation before, or simply closing your eyes to relax, and have been unsuccessful, know that it takes practice. 

If something is this critical to your health and well-being, why wouldn’t you want to keep doing it? You will master the “art of relaxing” over time and it becomes habit and a way of life for you. I had the same experience and it took me a good couple of months to really get good at quieting my mind and relaxing. 


Alpha Brain Wave Frequency

The Alpha brainwave frequency can be very healing and therapeutic. It can help us naturally restore our mind and body, which can help us achieve greater clarity and focus, helping us eliminate stress which in turn helps us to relax and make positive changes in our lives!

The Alpha brainwave state is the state of mind typically accessed during hypnotic trance or deep meditation. It is a state of mind that is somewhere between being completely awake and almost daydreaming. It’s the state most often accessed when people are in deep thought… a very relaxed state of mind. When we simply close are eyes briefly, we are accessing the Alpha brainwave state.

The Alpha state of mind can be very healing to the body as well as the mind. Accessing this same state of mind, with meditation or hypnosis, can help you reap the healing benefits AND tap into resources within yourself.

As your body and mind begin to relax, your heart actually releases stresses that have burdened it, which can be extremely beneficial.

When alpha brain waves are the dominant frequency in your brain, you will usually be feeling very relaxed, but aware. When you are waking up in the morning or just beginning to drift off at night you are probably in a state of alpha relaxation. You are awake, but with your eyes closed.

As the body relaxes, physiological changes begin to occur:

  • Pulse rate lowers

  • Muscular tension releases

  • Reduces fatigue

  • Expels toxins, revitalizing your entire energy system

  • Improves your mental clarity and focus

  • Helps your concentration and memory

  • Helps you maintain alertness

  • Relieves stress

  • Stimulates your creativity and imagination

  • Helps you sleep better at night

  • Increases levels of DHEA and Melatonin, which can slow the aging process!

  • Improves learning

  • Helps improve athletic performance

  • Helps us tap into a state of inner peace and clarity

  • Helps ward off depression

  • Helps tap into your body’s natural endorphins or feel good chemicals

  • Helps you make positive changes in your life

  • Helps you maintain better health by avoiding stress related diseases

Alpha waves produce the inspiration from your subconscious, where creativity and sudden insights comes from. Meditation can be used to unlock solutions for issues that you will not find in your conscious state.


Beta: This wave state occurs when we are in full consciousness and are aware of our surroundings. From this state, we experience the perception of space and time while in our normal waking state of mind. 

Alpha: Our brain waves slow down into a much more relaxed and aware state. This state of mind is associated with creativity and feelings of flow, occurring naturally when we drift in and out of sleep. We are aware of our subconscious activity, where we are open to mental imagery and lucid dreaming while still alert and conscious. While in this lucid state of flow, learning and processing new information is optimized.

Theta: Usually characterized by very deep relaxation, sleep, and dream state. Hypnotherapy sessions can achieve this level of consciousness, and in this state, the individual is highly receptive to suggestion. Very often, an individual is moving between Alpha and Theta during a hypnotherapy session.

Delta: This is deep and dreamless sleep and Delta brainwaves can be very rewarding and even healing. Our immune system is known to strengthen in Delta and it is a crucial brainwave state for healing and rejuvenation.