Are Limiting Beliefs Holding You Hostage?

I often find myself, as my journey continues, going back to the years as a teacher, with my kids, where we talked about struggles, self-confidence, success, believing in yourself, and having a true fighting spirit.  We spent a fair amount of time on learning the curriculum (of course we did), but, we took those “life” moments that presented themselves and had conversations.  Those were the relationship builders, the self-esteem boosters, the confidence growing moments… the true essence of education. Those are the moments that I hope have remained with them to this day, many years later. Continuing on...

When you experience challenges, the strength lies in persevering and realizing your own potential.  Overcoming obstacles with grace, determination, vision, and a sheer will to conquer is not always an easy task, but is always necessary. I believe, that through a struggle, you grow and learn in ways that are not possible otherwise. 

Limiting beliefs... we all have them... but overcoming them is one key factor in how successful you are, what you are able to accomplish, whether you will "settle" for the life you have, or be hungry to go after and create the life you crave. You have to ask yourself... am I truly living up to my potential or am I settling... remaining in my comfort zone? 

Action ---> What is it that I would truly like to do in my life? What if there were no limitations, no barriers... what would my life look like?


When you experience the challenges that present themselves, remember they are there FOR you to learn a lesson, break through some major bullshit, overcome a limiting belief about yourself, and/or to realize your potential. Let's face it, most are not living up to who they are meant to be... and it's no one's fault, it's just that we are so conditioned to "live as society tells us to live", "be satisfied with that you have", and continue to tell ourselves we have a wonderful life, when really, deep down, we crave for so much more.

Right? I did this for years, and knew deep down I was meant to do so much more. I've had struggles, as everyone does, but some things I just accepted... I just figured that my life was going to be pretty good. I would be successful in my teaching career, I would retire from teaching, and that would be that. 

There is nothing wrong with being grateful and thankful for what you have and what you are doing. in fact, you have to be. No matter what the current condition of your life is, there is so much to love about your life. Life is always happening FOR us and not TO us and this one single belief I have, has always kept me learning, growing, and evolving.

With that said, we are meant to live our wildest dreams, to be, do, and have all that we want. The world is an abundant place and God, The Universe, your Higher Self... Buddha... wants you to create an amazing life for yourself... because you CAN. 

Do what you do, but always keep learning, growing, expressing your desires, getting out of your comfort zone, taking risks.... you are not meant to settle... if you are craving something more in your life, whatever that means for you, overcoming limiting beliefs that are keeping you "stuck" is first and foremost.

The only thing that’s keeping you from getting what you want
is the story you keep telling yourself.
— Tony Robbins

We all have unlimited potential — but often our results don’t reflect that. Why? Because our subconscious beliefs cripple our results.

"I don't have time."
"It's too expensive."
"I don't have the willpower."
"I don't understand."
"It is too risky."
"What if I fail."
"All the good ones are already taken."
"I don't deserve ____."
"I could never do that."
"I don't have the skills or knowledge."
"Successful people are just lucky."
"Ill never make enough money."
"Money is evil."
"I never get to do what I want."
"I will never ____."
"It's too late for me to ___."
"I can't exercise at home."
"I will always be overweight/fat/obese."

I could go on and on... do you say any of these to yourself?

Why does this happen?

Before the age of six, all of the information around us goes directly into the subconscious mind, rather than into the conscious mind – because when we are under 6, we don’t ‘think’, we learn. This is how our programming starts – we learn how to speak, eat, interact with others, how to dress ourselves, how to read, how to play – all of this comes from the information around us. So it makes sense that if we see something negative, it will create a negative program in our mind.

What can I do to change this? It's definitely a process, and doesn't happen overnight... but... First, ask yourself:

  • What is it that I want?

  • What goals would I like to achieve?

  • What kind of person would I like to become?

  • Why do I want all these things? What are the benefits?


Once you are clear about what you want, what you TRULY want, not what you "believe" you should have.... let all your guards down and think BIG.... After this, you can begin to work through what is holding you back. 

I completed an activity where I ranked my life in different categories... 5 years ago, right now, and 5 years from now. It's quite eye-opening and you can see what areas you need to focus on, and celebrate where you are doing well. 

Grab a free worksheet to do this yourself!

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