4 Ways To Attract Positivity Into Your Life

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I’ve been on a self-development journey for a little over two years now, ever since I really started getting healthier, changing my nutrition, and changing my fitness. I began reading personal development books and listening to them on audio, and my whole mindset began to shift.

The last year or so, is when I have dug into learning about the mind, how the mind works, and how powerful it truly is. I even became a Professional Certified Hypnotist in November of 2017 because the more I studied the mind, the more I knew I could help people through hypnosis.

Most of this was transcribed from a FB Live I did. Take a look here

And it has truly been a magnificent journey. I’ve never felt better, and my life has changed dramatically. Do I have moments where I, you know, struggle? Do I have bumpy moments? Do I have negativity that comes into my life that I have to push away? Of course. We all have things that happen, but the idea is that when you can change your mindset you have less of that in your life, and when you do have negativity that comes in, you do have an obstacle or you do have some struggle, something tragic happens in your life, you are able to be more aware. You are able to react more positively. It doesn’t mean you push things under the rug; it doesn’t mean you deny things. It just means you are more proactive in your approach from a positive mindset than from a negative mindset. You can only think one thought at a time. It takes just as much energy to think positive as it does to think negative. So really your choice is where you are going to direct your thoughts.

Tip #1

Become Aware. Become aware of the way you’re thinking. Become aware of what you’re saying, to yourself and to others. Just become aware. Do you always go to the negative first? You know, “I can’t do this” or “I struggle with this all the time.” “I don’t know how.” “I don’t think I can”, or you know, do you – are you always negative?

Is that your first reaction, or are you more positive? If you’re more negative you want to be aware of that when it happens and give yourself an “I will” or “I can” or, “I’m going to”, “I am”. “I AM” are the two most powerful words in the English language in my book. It’s “I am”, and what you put after that is really who you become. So just become aware of your reaction and what you are thinking about – at any given time. If you are constantly negative – and that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a negative thought, because you will have negative thoughts – but the quicker you can turn it around, the better.

Tip #2

You have to train your mind. If you constantly are going to the negative all the time you have trained your mind that it is now a habit for you to go there. So you have to be aware and you have to train your mind. It’s a process. It’s a repeated process. Your subconscious mind works best through repetition, so the more that you are able to switch your mindset to a more positive mindset – “I can”, or “This is a bit troubling, however, I know that I will get through this.” Or “This is upsetting, I’m going crazy right now”, but “I’m happy about…” or “I’m grateful for…”.

This isn’t something that happens overnight. This isn’t that you’ve switched the OFF switch to the negative thoughts and all of a sudden it’s all, you know, you’re all positive and roses and, you know, positive. It takes time. You’ve got to train your subconscious mind.

Life is only as good as your mindset.

Tip #3

Who is in your life? Obviously your family, but who is in your life? Who are you around the most time, the majority of the time? Who is bringing negativity into your life? Are you always around someone or are you always someplace where there are people who are constantly complaining and constantly negative about – it doesn’t matter – it’s always negative.

If that’s someone in your family that can be a little bit tricky; however, you’ve got to find a place that you can be where you can switch that mindset. And I’ll tell you, when you can start switching your mindset, when you can start to be more positive, watch your language, control your thoughts – you have complete control over your mind and the thoughts that you think. If you think negative all the time, you’ve got to switch that. The more you do that and the more you are positive and reacting positively around people, that will rub off on them.

You’ve got to separate yourself. Who or what is bringing negativity into your life? If you’re going to your job, who’s there that is negative all the time? I know that when I was teaching there were times where I entered the the teacher’s lounge and that is a famous place for letting off steam. That’s great. OK. You’ve got to do that. When you are around kids all day you’ve got to let off some steam. I get that. But that’s one place where I have experienced actually going to a job, and can see now that there was negative energy in the teacher's lounge.

I’ve been working from home for almost 7 ½ years now so I haven’t gone to a workplace, but if you’re going to the workplace, if people around you are negative and they’re always complaining, you’ve got to separate yourself from that. You’ve got to distance yourself. You’ve got to say, OK, I’m just not going to put myself in that situation. Because it rubs off on you. You absorb that energy. I’m telling you, we’re all giving off energy at any given time and the energy that you absorb from other people affects you. So you have to definitely watch that.

Tip #4

Practice Gratitude. Practice gratitude every day. Every single day write it down. There is something in the mind that happens when you write things down. I write my gratitude down every morning, three to five things. Some mornings it’s more, some mornings it’s less, but three to five things, write them down in a journal or on a tablet or something. And I say them out loud. Same with my goals, by the way. I write my goals down every morning and I say those out loud. But practice gratitude every day.

It’s going to start your day off in a positive way. Therefore, you are again, training your mind to go to the positive rather than the negative all the time.

Practicing gratitude can improve your life dramatically….  your health… you sleep better…. It improves your self esteem…. and… you attract more of what you are grateful for into your life… you will improve your relationships, and you just feel more positive and happy about life. It’s a Universal law and one that governs your whole life. You expel energy out to the Universe and that energy is returned to you ten-fold.

If I can leave you with one thing to start practicing every single day, it would be to write down what you are grateful for. If you begin every morning taking a few minutes to write 3-5 things you are grateful for, you're life will begin to transform before your very eyes.

I am a Mindfulness Mentor and I empower women to live a life by intentional design while discovering their inner strength & divine purpose. I do this through 1:1 teaching programs, private hypnosis, group mentoring, and E-Courses and Resources

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