Life Is Like A Puzzle

My humble thoughts… (yes, it’s long )…  Have you ever put together a puzzle? How long does it take you? How often does it get “messed up” and you have to start again? Or what about when you have those last few pieces and you try to jam them in because you just want to get it done?

Here’s what I think…

Life is like one big puzzle. We have all these pieces laying around… career, education, family, love, health, personal growth, friends, finances… and we work every day to put the pieces together in the “right” way so that we can eventually complete the puzzle, thus living a happy, fulfilling life. What we don’t realize is that if we are lacking the necessary tools to complete the puzzle, we will forever have those pieces that don’t fit, and our puzzle will never be fully complete.

The thing about puzzles, and how it relates to life, is that sometimes a piece will “almost fit” and we will try and jam it in place. This creates an illusion… that this “piece” in our life belongs there…. when really, the piece just doesn’t fit. We tell ourselves that it is “okay”… it fits well enough… and we go on with life as it is, settling for the fact that it’s there and it looks fine.

Some people may have many pieces that are not fitting together the way the puzzle is designed, but will jam those pieces together, continue with the fallacy that life is wonderful, while inside, knowing this “life puzzle” is not put together correctly.

The puzzle of my life has been incomplete for many years… the illusion that everything was just fine and all those pieces fit together wonderfully, kept me from reaching my full potential and living my truth. My life was not in shambles or evident to anyone else that anything was “wrong”, but I knew it. I knew my puzzle was not going together the way I had wanted it to, just like you know…. and I knew I could do something about it if I just learned HOW.

YOU are the only one who knows if your pieces aren’t fitting together correctly, and YOU are the only one who can change so you can complete your puzzle. See, only one piece needs to be out of place at a time for us to feel incomplete… and it doesn’t even have to be something we are fully aware of. It might be a whisper, it might be a sign, it just might be a feeling you have that something isn’t right.

We also may be juggling many pieces at any given time because, let’s face it, life happens. The pieces can fall on the floor, get bumped and all come apart… anything can happen. But having the tools to deal with all your pieces is crucial to living in your truth and thriving in all areas of your life.

I’m here to tell you there are tools, but in order for you to manage your life puzzle, you are required to do the work. The puzzle does not put itself together, nor does it stay together without any kind of adhesive. Commitment, work, investment, personal growth, consistency, motivation, a strong reason why, the letting go of fear, rewriting your story and reprogramming what has programed in your subconscious mind throughout your entire life. Yes, it is possible, and I can help you do it. 

Are you someone who has “tried” to put the pieces of your life together in various ways, but always falls short, puts on a good front but is hurting inside and lacks confidence to step into your own strength? Are most areas of your life are “okay”, but your desire to live fulfilled and empowered fall short because of not having the right tools to put it all together?

My passion, and now my life’s work, is to provide the tools, the guidance, the support, so you can finally have a complete puzzle, keep it together, and live your destiny.